About Us

Our Passion: creating innovative measurement products that improve your life.

Air pollution and harms

Our Story

Metriful was founded in 2020 by a small team of scientists and engineers in Oxfordshire, UK. We believe that air quality is an important aspect of modern life, and one that is impacted by many of the greatest challenges: climate change, disease, pollution, and energy efficiency.

We decided to release our carbon dioxide monitor after seeing many fake or inaccurate CO2 detectors for sale online. Our monitor provides a reliable, accurate and simple way to measure your air quality.


Our Aims

  • Helping you achieve a more enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.
  • Eliminating the confusion and anxiety surrounding air quality and its measurement.
  • Preventing exploitation from fake or defective products.

  • Clear guidance

    We explain advanced topics and make our information freely available to all.

  • Individual empowerment

    You can improve your environment only with reliable and relevant data.

  • Simple performance

    Products that work as claimed, without inaccurate or unnecessary features.